The true strength of Geomed comes from its ability to leverage the core competencies existing in each of its group companies to deliver a broad range of services and skills capable of meeting all of its customers’ requirements from a Healthcare and Medical Technology perspective.

Adherence Monitoring

GIH’s  adherence monitoring solution creats the opportunity to revolutionised the way in which providers can assure that their patients that are on  chronic medication stay adherent. This ingenious technology utilises a mobile device to monitor medication ingestion. Patients are reminded to take medication via an electornic watch or mobile phone application. An electronic lid that fits ontop of a securitainer monitors and stores usage data to be downloaded during follow-up visits.

Computer-Aided Auscultation

Computer-aided auscultation (CAA) is a clinical decision support system, which is designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks when assessing a heart murmur.

Diacoustic’s CAA device, SensiCardiac has been developed to acquire heart sounds using an electronic stethoscope, as well as a computer and decision support software, to record and analyse acoustic heart signals. Heart signals are processed by means of algorithms that analyse the recording to identify specific heart sounds, including S1, S2 and suspected heart murmurs. Results of the auscultation are displayed on a graphic user interface.

Clinical Decision Support

Geomed offers a wide range of clinical decision support solutions to not only assist physicians in making better diagnostic decisions for their patients, but also supporting professionals within the healthcare systems to make decisions within the healthcare eco-system. Clinical decision support solutions are typically designed to integrate a medical knowledge base, patient data and an inference engine to generate case specific advice and will support the following key functions:

  • The administrative process within the clinical environment
  • Managing the flow of care
  • Controlling cost
  • Diagnostic improvements

Primary Health Care - Patient Management

The e-Mum Patient Management System is used at the Witkoppen Clinic in Gauteng and service more than 30,000 patients. In March 2012, the e-Mum ICF (Intensive Case Finding) community project launched in Diepsloot, Cosmo City, Kya Sands and Lion Park, Gauteng. This operational research study aims to see if e-Mum can help people in the community (who have TB and/or HIV) receive treatment more effectively; than waiting for them to come to a clinic.