About GeoMed
Company Profile

GeoMed has a portfolio of leading medical technology and service companies offering  solutions and services through a range of innovative business models.  Geomed started operations in 2005 and has grown to become a recogonised and trusted supplier of health care technologies and services.

Whilst the various companies within the GeoMed Group each enjoy their own unique culture, there is a golden thread of similarity. That thread is a willingness to learn, innovate and tackle new and difficult problems. GeoMed and its subsideries strifes to place healthcare products of the highest quality on the market that not only conform to international standards (ISO 13485 and FDA), but also exceeds customers expectation.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Partnerships – collaboration
  • Focus
  • Innovation
  • Deliver – get the job done

GeoMed Subsidaries

GeoMed successfully commercialised various healthcare service and medical device technolgies since 2005. With the support of our strategic and funding partners various products entered the market through GeoMed’s development pipeline. To date three subsidaries were spined-off out of GeoMed – each with it’s service and product set.

Geo-ICT Health (2006)

Geo-ICT Health is a proudly South African BEE compay with offices in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg. GIH  focus on the development and deployment of patient- and primary health care management systems. Since 2011 GIH has become more involved in medical technology capacity building in the Primary Healthcare market.

In collaboration with the Medical Research Council (MRC) of South Africa, a secure Telemedicine consultation platform was developed and delivered to the Department of Health enabling Healthcare Professionals to securely advise and consult patients.


Diacoustic Medical Devices (2007)

With the Sensi range of products, Diacoustic is focusing on enabling primary health care providers to provide objective quality services. Sensi is a range of clinical decision support applications in a secure environment used with off-the-shelf electronic bio-signal capturing devices to assist health care professionals with clinical diagnosis in the primary care setting.

Sensi Cardiac was the first product to be launched within this range of products. It is a FDA-cleared software application used with an electronic stethoscope for health care professionals to accurately assist in the diagnoses of pathological and physiological heart murmurs at heart rates of up to 180-bpm.

Diacoustic is a joint venture between the Geomed, the IDC and Stellenbosch University and was create in 2007.


MezzanineWare (2009)

The Mezzanine platform is proudly developed and supported by MezzanineWare (Pty) Ltd.

MezzanineWare (Pty) Ltd is the new name for the company formerly known as GeoMed Ventures (Pty) Ltd, a South African based market leader in the development of mobile (GSM) based data collection and decision support systems for emerging market countries since 2005.

Vodacom (Pty) Ltd acquired a 74% stake in October 2011. Growing from our roots in the healthcare sector, we focus on the deployment of mobile health (mHealth) solutions and managed services together with the development of innovative business models to ensure the scalability and sustainability of mHealth initiatives. In partnership with Vodacom, we have expanded our offering to a Mobile Enabling Platform servicing other industries with the remote data management capabilities of the core Mezzanine offering.

The Mezzanine platform offers a centralised communication, information and management service environment that enables cross-platform service deployment by 3rd party product and service providers.



At GeoMed we value partnerships….